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The Magic of Love

at The Sukhothai .. Page 3


The evening reception turned out very nice as well. Our friends told us that the wedding has some unique details that they liked very much such as the first dance with all the sparking candles, Eelco's friend singing, the magic show, etc. My sister and friends said it was different than other weddings they have been to. My mother loved the decoration for the evening; she thought it had a lot more detail than other weddings. She liked the way we decorated it with pictures, the flowers, the lighting and all the other little details. Even my dad complimented that the place looked very nice with all of the candles.

The photographers were wonderful. The books they created will last a lifetime, and we got compliments from everybody about how good we looked in those pictures.

The band was excellent; thanks for recommending it!

Not everyone was aware of the fact that much of our weddings' success had to do with the fact that we hired you. If we'd have had to do it ourselves, we would have forgotten half of the details and ended up with a pre-marriage crisis because of all the stress.

We know you put 100% effort in organizing our wedding, and the result definitively showed! Thanks again for helping us organize a great wedding,

Koy and Eelco




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